Friday, May 24, 2013

Decoration Day

Growing up my Grandmother referred to Memorial Day as Decoration Day.
Whenever it arrives I have a vivid memory of piling into our car and journeying on the dusty gravel roads to pick up my Great Grandmother
so we could decorate the graves of those who have gone before.
(She lived in a one-room school house, but that's another story for another time.)
Beautiful patriotic arrangement at Breitbach's Country Diner in Balltown, IA. (2012)
I must have been young, as in my memory I am looking up at the towering figures that were my elders.
The cemetery we went to visit was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by large trees and tall grasses.
I fondly remember my Grandmother, my Great Aunt, and my Great Grandmother walking along the lane ahead of us as they carried their floral tributes.
(Which often included peonies from their gorgeous gardens.)
The photo above is my grandmother at my age (on the left) and my Great Grandmother.
  My Great Grandmother made her own clothes, often out of pretty cloth flower sacks,
she also wore the prettiest prairie bonnets with ruffles on them!
Her hair was longer than her waist but she always wore it up and tucked in under her bonnet.
Unfortunately I don't have a single picture of my Great Grandmother in her signature bonnet,
or when her gorgeous long grey hair was down.  I am truly grateful for the images we do have,
and on decoration day look fondly back on the memories of those who have gone before me.
Have a good weekend!
                                                                                                                            ~ Suzi

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  1. I've also heard the holiday called Decoration Day. Your photos make me want to get back into genealogy searches! Or at least go dig out those historic photos and walk down memory lane. Hope you have a good, long holiday weekend.