Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat?

It's one of my favorite holidays today, and I love dressing up, pouring a glass of wine, and watching "Nightmare Before Christmas" as I wait for the handful die-hard parents with their young trick-or-treaters. I'm glad that there are a few who still hold on to the tradition of going door to door to visit their neighbors. I love hearing the children's excited comments and laughter as they head down the street in the hopes of more treats than tricks.

 Do you dress up for Halloween as well? Or do you leave it to the younger generation? I fear that
sometimes we get all caught up in the "busyness" of the season we forget to embrace the magic, and instead start worrying about all of the things we have "to do". I know I'm guilty of it, and until recently had a habit of being over connected with technology to the point where my husband started referring to my iPhone as "my boyfriend". (She's a girl, but I got the point.)

Sometimes we become so connected with the aps and programs that are supposed to save us time, we forget why the tools were created in the first place. (To take care of things so we can spend the time in the "real world".) I see so many parents on their phones while their children are going door to door, or at the park, or as a radio persona said on Wednesday. "I'm bummed my son has a swim meet today, as I want to watch the Giant's. But thanks to my internet provider's App on my phone, I can watch the game and still cheer on little Johnny." 

That's when I realized that in the essence of multitasking and saving time, we've shifted our priorities from people to our phones. Why not take Johnny out of the meet and watch the game together? Otherwise, be present for Johnny's event, so that when he looks up he'll see you cheering him on, versus the top of your head because you're looking at your phone.

My wish for you as we enter the holiday season is that you live in the moment, and experience the magic. Put down your phone and truly experience your children's reactions of the witch that opens the door, or discovering the house with the full sized candy bars. And so that when they look to you they see you're looking right back at them. Leave your phone in your purse while you're at the park or visiting Santa.

I've started distancing myself from my phone, and I'm finding it's liberating!  I didn't realize how dis-connected I was.  I also found it's really easy to get sucked back in to your old patterns too!  So if you decide to do the same, let me know, as I'd love to hear how it goes.

Happy Halloween!