Monday, January 27, 2014

SWP Spotlight ~ MUA of the Month ~ Ruby Red Make-up

New Year, new features!  Since I've started offering make-up and hair services to my Suzi Worley Photography (SWP) clients, I thought I'd feature one a month so you could get to know them a bit better!  Since January is almost over, that means  I needed to get on the ball!   So without further adieu, I introduce you to my first featured Make-up Artist (MUA), Ruby of Ruby Red Make-up.  
Ruby and her dog Fify.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hello! My name is Ruby Lopez Batres, I am Mexican and live with a dog named Fify. When I'm not doing makeup, I love to decorate my room. I spend most of my time online as well as finding other creative outlets. Someday I would love to learn how to decorate cakes, design flower arrangements and a bit of photography. My favorite food is Pizza, I can seriously have it for breakfast.
  2. Ruby Red MUA
  3. Why did you become a MUA? The reason that I became a Makeup Artist is because, I honestly got bored with doing my own makeup. After awhile, you start to figure out what compliments your skin-tone and what doesn't. I still enjoyed doing makeup so I just simply found more canvases and after that I was hooked with doing makeup on others. 
  4. How long have you been in busin
    ess? I have been in business for almost three years! Surprising, I know. Ruby Red is still quite new but I feel very confident in our team and I know that we'll do great this wedding season. 
  5. What’s your favorite make-up style? My absolutely favorite makeup style is the simple winged liner with light eye-shadow, contoured cheekbones with a beautiful highlight. A bit of peachy blush with the choice of a beautiful nude lip or a bright lip-color. I love this both on myself and on my clients. 
  6. What’s your specialty?  I specialize in On-location Makeup and Hair for Weddings and QuinceaƱeras. I also teach makeup classes to anyone who is interested in improving their makeup skills
  7. SWP Mother / Daughter Session

  8. Where do you find inspiration? Most of my inspiration comes from the work of other artists, Pinterest, Google and random items. I take the quote: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and use it to see beauty in small things. I feel that once someone is inspired, it's hard to become uninspired. Open your mind and see the beauty in colors, nature and people you'll be surprised.
  9. What’s something people might not know about you? I started doing makeup when I was 15, I joined a makeup team and I've been doing it ever since. I am also quite shy and a bit self-conscious, but all of that is gone when I get into my "zone". I am actually pretty talkative! 
  10. What’s your favorite thing to do when not working? I really like to spend time with my family, we're all really close and we get together every so often. I'm an indoors type of girl, I love to read books on my iPad, wrapped up in a blanket with all of my candles lit. I also enjoy watching a good movie or my favorite shows, the only problem is I'm an avid talker and the only one that can deal with it is my boyfriend. Thank you hun. 
  11. SWP Mother/Daughter Session

  12. Do you have any make-up tips you’d like to share? Of course I do! Ladies! Tip #1 Stop pumping your mascara, by pumping your mascara your inserting air into it which causes it to dry out faster and grow bacteria. Tip 2# Do you ladies ever put on mascara on your lashes and
    when you look down to do your lower lashes, you find that the mascara got on your skin or eyeshadow? A quick fix actually doing your lower lashes first then your top lashes or rubbing off the excess mascara with a Q-Tip. 

  13. What’s the #1 thing women should be doing to help them look youthful (or age gracefully) that they aren't? I absolutely insist that everyone starts to wear sunscreen! So many people overlook it, I used to until I figured out what UVA abd UVB meant. UVA stands for Ultra-Violet Aging Rays which cause you to age. UVB stands for Ultra-Violet Burning Rays which gives you a sunburn. Both rays penetrate your windshield, so imagine myself driving and aging while doing it. Get a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 but no more than 50. 
  14. How can people get a hold of you? It's sure been nice talking to you all, if anyone needs to get a hold of me you can find me through: My Website   |  Email | Facebook  or you can call me: 408.641.8661
Thanks so much Ruby for taking the time to speak with us at Suzi Worley Photography.  It's always a pleasure working with you and I'm looking forward to more fun sessions in 2014!  

Clients, if you want to book Ruby during your session with SWP be sure to let me know!  Ruby is currently available on weekends and her calender tends to fill up quickly!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Shooting with Film

My Dad still shoots with Film. (Sorry Dad, your secret's out of the bag.)  It’s not that he’s a purist; it’s that for him it works. He likes getting prints, and going through them, he likes the camera he has and doesn't see the need to change.
Another problem with film? Not knowing if these rolls are blank or empty!
Dad also likes thinking about the shot he’s setting up, and not just snapping away in the “hopes” he gets something. In fact it’s almost a prerequisite for film. You have a limited number (Usually 24-36) of shots per roll, and so every shot matters. Plus you are stuck with whatever ISO you chose for the entire roll!  So you actually have to think about what type of images and shooting you would be doing when you purchase the film!

For those of you who haven’t experienced shooting with film, but instead rely on the instant gratification and seemingly unlimited images on your camera phone, this may be a hard concept to grasp. For those of us who haven’t shot with film for years, it’s something that we may have forgotten. I know I love being able to look at the images I take instantly, and definitely take more than I ever did during the days of film.

I am a huge fan of digital cameras, and believe they have made me a better photographer. I still think about composing my shots, but I also shoot more frequently. I don’t think I’d take half as many food, flower, or leaf photos if I were capturing them with film. (Something I now find therapeutic.) I am always searching for the perfect light, and will wait patiently until the conditions are right before capturing my images, but I also like the fact I can take a couple of quick shots of a group and digitally swap a head or two when needed. Or I can look down and capture a pretty heart shaped leaf because it caught my eye.
Hearts in Nature are always fun.
Although I now capture my images in digital format, I still insist on prints. I know it would be so much easier to just burn the images to a CD, but the RAW files I capture still need to be converted into .jpgs and processed for prints. (Color correction, blemish removal, skin softening, cropping, etc. ) I've found that while digital image galleries are fun, it’s easy to just quickly look at the image and move on. But when you put a print in someone’s hands, time slows down. They take longer to look at the details, to feel the texture of the paper, and to savor the captured moment. Albums, canvas prints, and folio boxes all create a similar effect, we use more of our senses with prints, and I think it just feels more balanced.

Even the pictures my Dad sends me are treated differently than the ones that show up in the inbox of my computer. They arrive by snail-mail with tons of stamps parading across the padded envelope announcing something fun is inside. I immediately make a cup of coffee and then sit down at the table to enjoy them; turning them over to read the notes inscribed on the back, and savoring my Dad's view of the world one image at a time. It becomes an event of its own, and for a little while, time slows down just ever so slightly.

Unfortunately for Dad, he's struggling to find places that still print film. This means he either has to send the film out, or move on into the digital world.  If he does make the leap to a digital camera, I’m hoping that like me, he’ll not go completely digital, but will still get his images printed.  And that I will still receive an occasional package of prints every now and then, so I have an excuse to step away from my computer, make another cup of coffee, and savor the moments one frame at a time.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adventures in Paleo Photography

Last year I was on a pretty good roll with a low-carb health plan. I loved how much energy I seemed to have, and didn't realize how much I missed red meat until I started eating it agian!  
Of course my plan took a back-burner over the holidays, and was replaced by yummy Haagen-Dazs eggnog martini's and breads, pies, and cheeses.
Soy milk eggnog martini with sugar-in-the-raw rim.
The down side to low-carb was I missed Pasta, and I LOVE to bake, but my pans and bowls sat empty for a good portion of the year.
This year I stumbled across Paleo cooking, it's similar but I can have breads and treats made with almond flours, etc! They even "okay" Coconut milk in recipes and soups. Yeah!
Making almond milk in a blender, easy peasy!
Yesterday, I made Almond Milk. Yum!  I was frustrated with all of the fillers in the ones at the grocery store, and was quite pleased with how relatively easy it turned out.
(I even dried out the almond husks to use later for "breading" chicken or fish!)  
Drying Almond bits for future meals.
Tim was on board at the mention of slow-cooker Kalua Pork. (Which we made this weekend!)  After 16-hours of Crock Pot goodness the pork looked like this!
(Warning, you may wake up hungry at 4:00 am because the house smells so AMAZING!)

Tim wears gloves to shred the pork by hand because the meat is still hot.
We didn't have the proper red Hawaiian Alaea Salt for the pork, and I used Grey Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt instead.  The pork tasted more like carnitas and had me craving avocados.  It was moist and delicious and had a hint of smoke.  But it was missing something to make it true Kalua Pork so we're going to try again, as soon as the new red salt arrives.
Cookbook fun!  So far I've made recipes from the bottom two books, the top one is for special occasions only! 
The three books I purchased for my culinary adventure are above in case you want to join in on the fun!
As many of you know, I tend to never follow a recipe exactly, however on the paleo ones I mention above (with the exception of the salt) I did.
As I vary the recipes more I'll be sure to share my favorites.
What is your favorite thing to make?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Word of the Year in 2014 ~ Focus on Photography

I am so happy 2014 is here.   Not that 2013 didn't have some highlights but I’m ready for a fresh start and a blank canvas to mold this year into something even better.

Many people I know pick out a word of the year to strive for.  I thought about choosing “Growth”, but then realized it might be too vague, and it could be misinterpreted into growth to my waistline, vs growth of my business and personal life. I had many other choices as well, some things I'm already pretty good at, and others I tend to overlook at times or would just like to improve on.

My prior year's word was "Dream", where dream equals ambition, to follow my dream and my heart.  This actually worked amazingly well, and the focus on business and my dream of a studio was great for my career, but not so great for my personal life.  Towards the end of last year my garden suffered because I didn't have the time to give it the attention it needed. Worse yet, I stopped taking pictures for fun, and most of my images were client driven. (With the exception of my iPhone images and Instagram account.)  I went from taking a personal picture a day with my camera, to picking it up for fun about once a quarter!

Most of the people I know who don’t live in the Bay Area have a much better balance between home and work.  It’s my goal to strive for this as well, and thus my word for 2014 is “Balance”. My hopes is by finding a balance, I may actually take a real vacation this year!  We have a couple of milestone birthday’s this fall, and so perhaps I should start planning for them now.  (Especially since fall can be busy with sessions.)

I still plan on putting in 110% at Suzi Worley Photography, and have some fun things in the works, but I plan to officially checkout on occasion as well, and not work all of the time, but instead re-group to focus on family.  I hope to streamline my time on this blog, Facebook, and Social Media, and start delegating projects too! (Delegate could have been a great word as well, as I tend to try and do it all, and fear this is part of the reason why some areas of my life have suffered from neglect.)  

I think the focus on balance will not only help me become an even better photographer, but a better person as well.  I love what I do, and am so excited about the new happenings at Studio 235, I can’t wait to see what we come up with this year for sessions, etc.  But I’m also looking forward to some much needed friends and family time as well.

Do you choose a word of the year?  If so what is it?  I'd love to start this journey with as many people as possible, and perhaps check in every now and then to see if you're still on track.  Let me know if you're in via the comments below and have a great 2014!