Saturday, January 12, 2013

Creative Couture

I recently took an amazing free course through Creative Live, and LOVED it.  I was looking to bump up my game in 2013, and the intense three-day "workshop" was just what I was looking for.
The first day they had a model with a gorgeous gown, and I was shocked to learn it was made without sewing! I decided then and there I had to try this for myself.
Unfortunately my internet connection crashed during the "How to Make the Dress" portion, and so I was flying blind, so to speak.  (This colorized image reminds me of Twilight for some reason.)
Thankfully my willing model was more than happy to help me try, and we had such fun! (Isn't she gorgeous?)
Since I was already in a creative mood, we pushed the envelope and did some more creative shots as well. I love this one above, even though the light is a tad harsh. (she loved it as well)
She was channeling Grizabella from CATS for this shot. I loved the rusty old bridge and back lighting. The blurry effect was created with my Lensbaby lens and a creative aperture disk.
This image is one of my favorites. I just love how her gown turned out, and how gorgeous she looks.
As luck would have it, they did a free replay of the course on Friday and I actually managed to see the "How to Make the Dress" section I missed,
and I can now use that info for the next creative session I do.
This session was such fun, I am still smiling when I look at all of the creative images we managed to capture.
As if that wasn't enough, yesterday I was featured on another Blogger's site, Holly Clouse Photography!
Do stop by and check it out, there are likely a few familiar faces there.

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  1. You are well on your way to "bumping up" your game! This model has such striking features. She is very dramatic.