Friday, August 24, 2012

Class of 2013

I was so happy that my first Class of 2013 Senior was this handsome young man.
I was surprised to learn he didn't like having his picture taken growing up.
We met at the golf course for the shoot, and discussed sports a bit.
Golf is too slow for this young man, although he assured me he deflect a golf ball quickly if one happened to fly by.
You see the true love of his life is hockey, and from all accounts he's quite good. 
He even humored me in holding the stick just so, even if it's not how they normally do it.

The location was gorgeous, and he was great about battling the elements (and bugs) and crazy photographers that wobbled on a chair above his head to get a shot.

I even discovered Iowa has a hockey team!
I love it when I learn new things during a session!
Be on the look-out for the next great thing in hockey!  I have the feeling this young man is going far!

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