Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Day with the Girls

I have been so busy editing photos lately I haven't had a chance to share them with you!  So I'm afraid you'll be getting a few updates this week. Starting with three wonderfully fun women.  Two of which are sisters.

This sister is visiting from Croatia, she makes the best burek ever! (It's a flaky, buttery pastry with meat or cheese.)  It was absolutely delicious!  She doesn't speak much English and except for a few food terms am completely clueless when it comes to Croatian, but we got along swimmingly.
This is her sister, who lives in the states now. They were such a kick! It felt like I knew them forever even though we just met. In fact, I may be dusting off my cowboy boots and going out dancing soon, as I've been invited to join them in some fun.
I also was able to take some pictures of their dear friend, who has a sweetheart overseas. She wants to surprise him with some pictures.I just loved her smile and cute dress, I'm sure her new beau will too.

Thanks girls for the great day!

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