Friday, August 9, 2013

Leaving Your Mark

When I was little one of my favorite things to do with my Grandmother was to explore the finds in her attic. 
I always felt like a modern day archaeologist, as there was always something amazing to discover.
She had the neatest things, from old lunch tins to pretty sewing thimbles, to letters tied with strings. 
When I encountered these handcrafted Heirloom Boxes I knew I had to add them to my product offerings if only to honor my Grandmother!
An Attic Find
I know she would be so thrilled to discover this in her attic.  (And really, who wouldn't?)
This box is gorgeous, and the attention to detail is amazingly exquisite.
From the dovetail corners to the oil rubbed finish, and the logo etched into the smooth planed wood just begs to be touched. 
(The rest of the finishes are stained and sealed and are equally stunning from Black Northern Ash to Traditional Cherry.)
I altered my logo just a tad so it showed well on the box, it looks so much more amazing in person! 
I have an option for families to have their name engraved on the box if they wish.
Perhaps their married name and wedding date? Or baby's name and birthdate?
What Lies Within
The beauty doesn't stop on the outside, for when you open it you notice treasures just begging to be discovered!
Little Vials
Including five little glass vials, perfect for a lock of hair, a bit of sand, dried flowers, or even some of your favorite perfume.
(This one has lavender in it, and smells so sweet.)
A feather
 Nestled on the bottom of the box is a leather satchel full of images, a peacock feather from my wedding bouquet, a secret skeleton key, and what's in the corner?
The Conents
 A collection of letters on handcrafted paper, wrapped in a lovely little piece of lace.
Wedding Lace
This lace happens to be from my wedding gown! :-)
The skeleton key says Memory, and reminds me of the ones we used at my grandmother's house.  
(I know she'd approve!)
Leather Satchel
As you open the leather satchel you realize that they contain pretty little cloth packages.
(They remind me of the remnants we kept for quilt squares...)
Family Treasures
As you unwrap these remnants, your eyes are suddenly drawn to the images.
These are of my other grandmother, the one that I never got to meet.
They are the only things I have of her, and are truly precious beyond words.
Safely Wrapped
Although this box starts with two cloth pieces, it can hold oh so much more!
I have found some amazing fine-art printers that will print your photos on cloth rag just like the artists did years ago.  The paper is thick and substantial, and looks so amazing as photographs, they are the perfect complement to this heirloom box.
(Of course I was too excited to wait for it to arrive, so instead you're seeing images of my past instead.)
Family Memories
I have to admit, I enjoyed selecting the treasures for this box as much as I loved unwrapping it,
and I look forward to helping my clients select their special images to include in their very own nostalgia box!
I love the thought that a little something I helped create will be stored in such a lovely container for future generations to discover and enjoy.
It makes the archeologist deep within me happy at the thought, and I know my Grandmother would be proud that I'm passing along such a wonderful tradition to the next generation.


  1. What a beautiful idea! These keepsake boxes are sooooo gorgeous. Each one is a little time capsule into the past. Or a very unique self-portrait.