Monday, October 22, 2012

Playing @ Picchetti

When one of my favorite families wanted to book a session for the fall, how could I argue?
We decided to meet at a location in the Santa Cruz Mountains, that oozed California history.
Rustic barns and old concrete water troughs make a perfect background for a family with two rambunctious boys.
I do so love my job when I have such great subjects to work with.
We practiced making album covers for when the boys "make it big" in the industry.
Because I believe every young man should work on their album cover if they are even the least bit inclined to do so.  
There were even a few chickens roaming around!
Which made it even more special, since these city dwellers happen to have a small backyard flock as well.
Their smiles and laughter made it great day in the mountains, thanks you guys for the perfect session!

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